Raising chickens in your backyard
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Fresh backyard brown eggs from our flock of Production Reds.

Picture perfect basket of fresh brown eggs. Check your hens twice a day for freshly laid eggs. If eggs are left in the nesting box too long they can become soiled.


Welcome to Backyard Eggs!
Fresh eggs from your own backyard chickens are the best quality eggs you will ever eat. But fresh eggs are only part of the story......
Raising your own small flock of chickens has many more benefits than most people realize. Eggs from chickens allowed to forage naturally, have on average, seven times more beta carotene (which is what makes pastured egg yolks so orange), three times more vitamin E, two times more omega-3 fatty acids and two-thirds more vitamin A than factory farm birds. 

Think those eggs advertised at the local store as free-ranged are actually pasture raised? Think again. Most poultry farms that advertise their birds as caged free, are actually raised in large poultry houses in crowded conditions and the birds never see the outdoors. If you want the best eggs and poultry meat that you can find, then you want to raise them yourself in conditions that you know are healthy for you and your family.

Raising your own flock will also give you the added benefits of free garden fertilizer, natural insect control in your yard and garden, the freshest of eggs (free from any added chemicals) and when the hens are through laying in a few years, you have the added benefit of fresh chicken for the pot. Poultry also are great livestock to start out with for the new homesteader. Many cities and towns are now allowing city dwellers to have as many as five or six hens in their own back yards inside the city limits. This is a new trend that some are calling the "urban chicken movement" and it is making the news almost on a daily basis. And why not, caring for chickens is easier than most other pets and without a rooster in the mix, they are relatively quiet and make good household pets.

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Latest News and Articles
Chicken owners in cities score coop coup.  
Dozens of cities have recently enacted ordinances regulating urban chickens. Harrison-Noonan, 51, a carpenter, got his after the Madison Common Council voted in 2004 to allow residents to have up to four hens. 
read more is nothing fancy or complex. It is myself, a homesteader, father and small time farmer in Vermont plus a few other volunteers like Celeste who has been compiling alerts about NAIS.
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Chickens are useful pets  
They're much quieter (and make less of a mess) than my dogs, they're much less trouble than my finicky cats, and I've grown rather fond of them, as often happens when people are around chickens for any length of time. This is a good article from Press-Register, Alabama.
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Start with healthy chicks
New healthy chicks should always be purchased from a reputable breeder who has a proven record of healthy birds.
The best way to get started in raising backyard chicken is with healthy chicks.
Starting out with healthy chicks from a reputable breeder is the first step in raising chickens. Once you have the healthy chicks in hand, your goal is to continue raising them in a healthy environment for years to come.
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Additional backyard chicken resources
Below are exceptional resources for raising your own backyard flock of chickens. More links will be added so stop back here often.
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